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Force Platform

1) Login to your website dashboard.

2) Click the 'small black arrow' on the upper right corner of the screen. 3) Select 'Site Settings' from the menu that appears.

4) Inside Site Settings, look for 'Homepage Metatag' in the secondary left navigation bar and select it.

5) Edit or add the meta-tags you want to update, look for the 'Save button' at the bottom once you are finished making the edits.

A list & descriptions of meta-tags that can be updated are found below.


The text to display in the title bar of a visitor’s web browser when they view this page. This meta tag may also be used as the title of the page when a visitor bookmarks or favorites this page, or as the page title in a search engine result. It is recommended that the title is no greater than 50 - 60 characters long, including spaces.


A brief and concise summary of the page's content that is a maximum of 160 characters in length. The description meta tag may be used by search engines to display a snippet about the page in search results.


A comma-separated list of keywords about the page. This meta tag is no longer supported by most search engines.



An image which should represent the content. You can paste a URL of an image or upload one from your computer. The image must be at least 200 x 200 pixels in size; 600 x 316 pixels is a recommended minimum size, and for best results use an image least 1200 x 630 pixels in size. Supports PNG, JPEG and GIF formats. Should not be used if og:image:url is used. Note: if multiple images are added many services (e.g. Facebook) will default to the largest image, not specifically the first one. Multiple values may be used, separated by a comma. Note: Tokens that return multiple values will be handled automatically. This will be able to extract the URL from an image field if the field is configured properly.

Legacy Platform

The Legacy platform does not support homepage meta-tag updates via the dashboard. You may request meta-tag updates  for the homepage by opening a ticket or sending an email to our support team at support@advisorwebsites.com

Please specify which meta-tag(s) you want to update, and the text or keywords you would like to to use.