Do you have a separate team managing your website? You can create additional user logins for people on your team so that they can have access to make updates to your website the same way you do! Here's how. 

Disclaimer: Make sure that you also revoke access for people who may no longer be working for your organization.

1. Login to your website dashboard. If you are directly taken to your dashboard home page, click on the user icon at the top right and choose Switch Accounts to get to your account screen. 

The below screenshot is your account screen and if you have more than one website with us, you may have been taken to this directly. 

Once you are in the below screen, click on the user icon again. 

Click Website Editors. 

Click Add Editor. 

Fill out all the information required to send an invite to the email of the user you want to add as an editor. If you have more than one website, make sure to select the website you want to give access to. 

Click Send Invite.

An invitation to join the website will be sent to the email provided. Once accepted, your new user should follow the prompts to get access to the website dashboard! 

If you encounter any issues, contact