To enable the Brokercheck widget by Finra, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the top right corner of your website and click on your Initial or on the drop-down arrow next to it.


  2. From the rollout menu, select "Site Settings."


  3. On the left-hand side, adjacent to the main menu, you will find the "Site Settings" toolbar.


  4. Look for the "Broker Check" tab under the "Site Settings" menu and click on it. 


  5. Next to the "Broker Check" tab, click on the toggle to turn it on.


  6. You can choose the design for the BrokerCheck feature from the following options:


    • An icon

    • A small graphic

    • A full-width bar

  7. Each design option offers different color choices.


  8. Click on the toggle next to your preferred design to select it.


  9. Finally, enable your selection by clicking "Save." The BrokerCheck feature will then be visible on your website at all times.