New! Snappy Kraken Sign-in Page

If you are trying to sign in to your Campaigns, Convos or Website platform and landed on an unfamiliar interface, you’re in the right place! We've recently updated our sign-in page to provide a seamless experience across all Snappy Kraken products. 


How do I sign in?

Simply choose the product you want to sign in to using the dropdown arrow beside the button and fill in your existing credentials. Once you’re signed in, the best of Snappy Kraken remains the same for you to use! 

If you have multiple products…

You will see this icon allowing you to easily switch between Snappy Kraken products once you’re signed in!

For any additional questions, please reach out to and we’ll be happy to clarify! 

My website is through Advisor Websites, what’s Snappy Kraken?

If you have a website with Advisor Websites and do not recognize the name “Snappy Kraken’ - do not worry! Snappy Kraken acquired Advisor Websites in May 2022 and this is only one of the many improvements we’re making to not only unite our brand but offer a holistic solution for websites and digital marketing! 

I have a website username login and I don't know my email address. What now?

Please slack and we can provide you with the email address associated with your website account. 

I’m seeing a different sign-in page for different products, why is that?

You may be part of one of our enterprise partners with custom configurations per product. We are working with these partners to ensure your experience is seamless while remaining compliant. Thanks for your patience as we work through this! 

I'm a Compliance Officer, is this the right place to log in?

Yes! Use your existing credentials to log in and you will be redirected to the compliance dashboard.