Webinar: Your Website is Your Best Employee with The Advisor Coach

On April 17th, we hosted an exciting webinar with James Pollard, the Advisor Coach: "Your Website is Your Best Employee". In this webinar, we discussed why your website is an integral part of your business and ways for your website to get more leads. Watch this replay to learn how to optimize your website for success! 

In this webinar, we explained why your website is your best employee. The great thing about a website is that it is always selling and making connections for you, even though you aren't necessarily physically present. James Pollard, the Advisor Coach, is a leader in the financial services industry and helps financial advisors get more clients by utilizing both outbound and inbound marketing strategies and best practices. James provided an informative presentation on inbound marketing, specifically ways to leverage your website as optimally as possible for your business. How should my website present to potential prospects? What should prospects be seeing on my website? What other marketing strategies can be employed to make my website more powerful? How should my website be collecting leads? Why is it important to have a good website? These are just some of the questions that we answered during the webinar.

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