Webinar: Transform Your Online Presence

On June 27th, Advisor Websites and Snappy Kraken hosted an exciting webinar: "Transform Your Online Presence: Strategies to Create a Lead Nurturing Machine". In this webinar, special guest, Angel Gonzalez of Snappy Kraken, discusses how financial advisors can lean on their online presence to kick their lead nurturing opportunities into high gear!


Snappy Kraken provides a software that helps financial advisors personalize, automate and track marketing campaigns and businesses processes. Their software aims to help financial advisors accomplish these 5 goals: attract new leads, motivate existing prospects, engage clients, increase client referrals, and automate operational workflows. In this webinar, we discussed how financial advisors can accomplish these 5 goals easily. We also explained how you can use your online presence (websites, emails, social platforms) to generate more high-quality leads and how you can incorporate automated marketing strategies to do a lot of the heavy lifting for you to save you time and money. Watch this replay to see just how vital your online presence is for your overall success!

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