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Classic Platform



Creating Events Page

  • Login to dashboard
  • Under Quick Links select Manage Menu
  • Select Add Item
  • Type events into Path field
  • Type Events into Menu link title
  • Click save.
  • Position events page (Drag and Drop)
  • Save menu configuration


Create an Event

  1. Navigate to home page
  2. Under content select events
  3. Enter event Title, Location, Date etc.
  4. Enter event content under body
  5. Set Sign up settings (Enabled or Disabled) select save Save
    1. If Enabled select signups tab
    2. Enter email to receive all signup information
    3. Do not change the confirmation email details!! 
    4. Set a reminder email X number of days before    
    5. Enter Reminder email content
    6. Set Signup limit


Once your event page has been created and events have been added don't forget to Publish or Send to Compliance!


Force Platform

  • Navigate to Content
  • Under content select events
  • Enter event Title, Location, Date, Time etc.
  • Enter event content under body
  • Click Save and keep published 

 Email for more information!