Classic Platform | Force PlatformWhat platform am I on ?

Classic Platform

1. Select Content on the left hand menu

2. Select Blog Posts and the press the New Blog button on the top right

3. Enter the title of the blog post in the Title field

4. (Optional) You can add a tag to your new blog post to put into an existing category or create a new category

5. Enter the Content of the blog into the Body section

6. (Optional) Scroll down Featured Image to add a image that will appear at the top of your blog and when the blog post is shared on social media

7. To save your progress and to view the update without making it live click the Save as draft button

8. To publish the update on the live website select edit > then press the green Publish button or the Submit to Compliance button if your website is on a compliance workflow

Instructional Video: Classic Platform

Force Platform

1. Login to website dashboard.

2. Select My Content from left menu.

3. Select Blog 

4. Click Add New button to create a new post.

5. Start entering your new blog post.

6. Enter Title.

7. (Optional) enter a Category and a Teaser.

8. Enter your main content into the Body section.

9. Select a Featured Image.

10. Save as Draft. This will save the blog post as a draft, but will not publish to your live website.

11. Publish to the live website. Select SAVE AND KEEP PUBLISHED or SAVE FOR REVIEW if your website is on a compliance workflow.

Instructional Video: Force Platform

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