This doesn't look like my dashboard. 

1. In your browser, navigate to your website homepage (the live domain; e.g

2. At the end of the URL type in /user ( and hit enter. You will then be direct to the login page. 


3. Below the Sign In button, click the text “Don't remember your password?

4. Enter the email associated with your Snappy Kraken Websites account and click the “Reset password” button.

5. An email with instructions and a link will be sent to you.  Click the link in the email and update your password.


6. The link will then redirect you to a screen where you can enter a new password. Select "Reset password" when you've chosen a new password.

7. The page will confirm the password has been reset and ask you to log in again with the new password. 

You’ve tried resetting your password and nothing seems to be working or maybe you no longer have access to the email associated to your account.  

Please contact support through our support portal or by calling support at 866-638-0273 ext. 2 and we will be able to assist.