Legacy Platform | Force PlatformWhat platform am I on ?

Legacy Platform

  1. On the login screen click the link "Forgot your password? We can help" under the Login button
  2. Enter the email that is in the My Account section of your website
  3. Click the E-mail new password button
  4. Check you email for message with the subject line "Replacement login information for...."
  5. Click the link in the email
  6. Then click the Login button
  7. Update your password
  8. When you are finished press the Save button on the top right

Force Platform

1. Navigate to the login screen of your website.  This screen can be accessed by adding “/user” to the end of your web address.  Ie: www.EXAMPLE.com/user

2. Below the login button, click the text “Forgot password?

3. Enter the email or username associated with your Advisor Websites account and click the “Submit” button.

An email with instructions and a link will be sent to you.  Click the link in the email and update your password.

You’ve tried resetting your password and nothing seems to be working or maybe you no longer have access to the email associated to your account.  

Please contact support through our support portal or by calling support at 866-638-0273 ext. 2 and we will be able to assist.