This doesn't look like my dashboard.

Force Platform

  1. On the left-hand side navigation, click on Company Info.
  2. Complete the fields as needed:
    1. First and Last Name are for the primary advisor. 
    2. Company Email Address is used for your notifications. 
    3. Company Logo appears throughout your website.
    4. Company Address will use Google to fill out the specific address fields below it. 
    5. ALL numbers (phone, fax etc.) will appear in footer and contact sections when filled out.
    6. Add a Client Login URL if you use a separate software system for your clients.
    7. Disclaimers section will appear at the bottom of all the pages of your website.
    8.  Complete the Social Media section if you have any accounts you want to link too on your website. Icons are normally linked to this from your footer or contact sections.
  3. Click:
    1. Draft to save it without publishing the changes.
    2. Published to go live with the changes. 
    3. Needs Review to submit to your compliance team. Note that it will go live once approved and that the button will only be visible if you have a compliance workflow.