Client Profile 

Joey Advisor is a Registered Investment Advisor based in beautiful Hawaii. As a single advisor, he aims to gain the trust and loyalty of his prospects and clients through credibility. He wishes to blog more quality content on a frequent basis and to offer insightful resources through his website. While Joey has an interest in content marketing, he prefers to spend less time manually uploading content to his website and sharing to social media. 

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Introducing the Periodical Content Library

Like most, finding the resources and time to craft out fresh yet relevant blog content that speaks to a specific demographic was tricky for Joey and, not to mention, time-consuming. Thankfully enough, Advisor Websites provides all the necessary tools needed to make everyday tasks a breeze. 

Joey was introduced to the Periodical Content Library during one of his support call sessions with a tech agent. He was surprised to hear that he already had access to this feature and was included in his current subscription. The Periodical Content Library provides clients with finance-based articles ranging from college planning to retirement and nearly everything in between. With a wide range of topics to choose from, Joey was able to easily sift through which pre-written articles he wanted to appear as blogs on his site. 

Joey was also keen on diversifying his content types to appeal to a larger group of visitors. He recognized that not all viewers would appreciate text-based blogs as much a video content and vice versa. The library allowed him to not only filter through content by topic, but also by type. He had the option of choosing between videos and infographics aside from articles.

Classic Platform

Joey was highly interested in reducing manual efforts to upkeep his blog so we emailed him letting him know that he could automatically publish his content. He simply needed to select which content to post and set the date and time to which it would go live. 

Force Platform

Optimize it! 

Joey wanted to increase the searchability of his blogs but knew very little regarding SEO. He felt intimidated due to his lack of expertise in this field and shied away from taking the plunge of learning because of so. However, after his second support call about SEO best practices, he began implementing meta tags to his blogs. He included no more than 8 separate keywords related to the blog article in question and added a 1-2 line meta-description. This helped to increase the searchability of his blog pieces because anytime someone searched for one of the keywords inputted, his website would appear in Google’s search results, along with the 1-2 line summary he created. 

Get social! 

Besides organic traffic, Joey wished to gain social traffic as well but did not want to spend tremendous amounts of time manually sharing links from his blog to all his social media accounts. As one of our most popular integrations, Hootsuite was used to help Joey streamline his workflow. Similar to the auto-publish feature, Hootsuite allows for the auto-publishing of blog content to any social site of choosing. Joey selected which days and time for blogs to automatically be sent out. Now he can simply sit back and relax as blogs are automatically posted to his Facebook. 

Replicating Success 

If you would like to generate more blog traffic on your website, check out these tutorials below to replicate Joey's success!

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