Client Profile 

Coordinating Christina is an Office Coordinator for a small financial firm in Florida. Her primary focus is to maintain the company’s website. Not only is she responsible for coordinating and publishing various financial resources and marketing materials but she also needs to use strategic marketing methods to capture leads. Christina believes that through effective marketing strategies, conversion rates can be significantly improved - she just doesn't know where to start or how to begin. 

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Effective Marketing

Quality content isn’t enough to help distinguish yourself from the competition in this day and age - especially where modern web marketing has taken on new heights and strategies. Christina was all too familiar with this struggle and was tasked with the responsibility of marketing a new ebook written by the group of financial advisors at her firm. 

The real question wasn’t how to post the ebook to the website, but how could she use it to maximize conversions? 

During one of her calls with a support agent at Advisor Websites, she was given the recommendation to offer the first chapter of the ebook in exchange for the prospect’s name, email address and phone number. This would help in several areas of her marketing strategy:

  • 1. Capturing interests and leads for a new product. 
  • 2. Managing and nurturing these leads based on the information they provide. 
  • 3. Gaining credibility as a trusted firm. 
  • 4. Increasing sales for a product. 
  • 5. Driving conversions. 
  • 6. Strengthening relationships with existing clients.

Introducing the Redtail Integration

With a marketing strategy in place, all that was needed was a tool that Christina could use to effortlessly capture lead information and then compile valuable data into a CRM. Because her company already had a Redtail CRM account, it was suggested that she integrate it with her website.

Classic Platform

The Redtail – Advisor Websites integration enables users to create an unlimited number of customizable lead capture forms for their website. Once a prospect fills out the webform, their information will be automatically stored in the user’s Redtail CRM account. 

This integration was exactly what Christina needed in order to effectively market her ebook. It streamlined the tasks of capturing leads and automatically storing data in a CRM. In short, it was the perfect solution because it did most, if not all, of the heavy lifting for her. 

Building It Out!

In only a matter of 30 minutes, Christina was able to tailor her webform to her liking. She knew what information she wanted to collect from prospects and simply dragged and dropped these options into her buildable form. She included fields for the following:  name, email address, phone number and message.  

Force Platform

She also created a copy of the ebook’s initial chapter as a downloadable PDF which was to be linked to the webform she created. 

Once a prospect filled in their information, they would be automatically directed to the downloadable PDF. 

With the help of the AW support team, Christina then added the webform to a custom page on the site. She included a short verbiage pertaining to the ebook as well as an image of the ebook cover to spruce up the page. 

Example custom page with webform: Destination Wealth Management

Tracking Performance

Now that the page (along with the webform) was published, Christina was able to gain some insight into how well it was performing in terms of visits and bounce rates via the statistics dashboard. This provided her with metrics to measure success by in addition to the number of leads that were being generated from the ebook. 

It should be noted here, that an email notification would automatically be sent out to Christina every time a prospect has been captured through her Redtail form. 

To further elevate her marketing strategy, Christina copied the direct URL of the page created and sent it out in an email blast to her existing clients. She also shared the webform through her social such as Facebook and Twitter to gain more traffic and leads. 

Replicating Success

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