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Legacy Platform

  1. Navigate to the page/section you wish to add an external link

  2. Select 'edit current' or 'edit block' if the content is part of a block

  3. Type the wording you wish to display for link

  4. Highlight the wording the link will contain

  5. Click link icon found on pages toolbar

  1. Enter the URL link into URL section.

  2. Click 'OK'.

  3. To save your progress and to view the update without making it live, click the 'Save as draft' button

  4. To publish the update on the live website select edit > then press the green 'Publish' button or the 'Submit to Compliance' button if your website is on a compliance workflow.

Force Platform

1. Navigate to the content you wish to add external link (Example: navigate to 'My Content' and find the page you would like to add a link onto.)


2. Select 'EDIT' (or 'edit block' if the content is part of a block)

3. Highlight the wording you would like to link (Ex: highlight "Click here to learn more")

4. Select the link icon option 

5. Enter the URL link you wish to add

6. (Optional) Enter the title you wish the link to be attached to. 

7. To save your progress, select "DRAFT".

8. To publish to your live website, select "PUBLISHED" or select "NEEDS REVIEW" if your website is on a compliance workflow. 

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