This doesn't look like my dashboard.

It is always a good idea to preview your work before you publish it to your website, or submit it to compliance for review. We try to encourage this behaviour because once something is published to your website, it can take up to at least 24 hours to remove, as long as you are not on the compliance workflow. If you are on the compliance workflow, the removal will need to go through compliance’s review process, which can take from 1 day to a week, depending on your BD’s personal workload. Reviewing your work before you submit also saves time from re-submitting a page several times until you get it right.

Reviewing content on the Force Platform:

  1. Save the item you are creating/editing as ‘Draft’ 

  2. After you save as ‘Draft’ you will be directed to a preview of the page. If you are editing current content, you will be brought to the ‘Revisions’ page. To view a preview of the page, please click the ‘View Current’ button 

  3. Under the ‘View Current’ view, you can see how a page will look on your website, and edit it as needed

  4. Another way to preview a page, is to click the ‘Preview Site’ button on the top left hand corner of your website and click ‘Preview Draft Site’

  5. Once you have done this, you can navigate to the page or place the page specific url to navigate straight to the page