Having a Testimonial section on your website is a great way to build credibility and trust among your leads and client base, and to convey a clear message of who you are and what your clients can expect from you. 

Consider the legality and compliance 

There are a few things to consider when planning for a testimonial section and when deciding what content should be included. The most important one is the legality of its content. This is an element that cannot go unchecked and needs to be taken into serious legal consideration. Please note that this article does not constitute legal advice. 

For advisors based in the United States, the SEC determines the main rules that need to be followed when publishing this type of document.   Here are some proposed resources that you can use when considering your testimonial content. 

For advisors based in Canada, two of the most important rules that must be followed are the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, and Section 74.02 of the Competition Act.  

How to create a testimonial section within your website:

There are two ways to include these testimonials on your website:

  • To create a separate testimonial page which you can link from your main menu. For this you can add a new page and add the specific content to it.
  • To create it as a block that you can place on an existing page or your homepage. In this case you can  contact our support team so we can assist you with the setup.

Recommended styles for testimonials

These are the styles that some of our clients have used for their testimonial section, our support team can assist you in setting them up at any time.