This doesn't look like my dashboard. 

You can now use our new "Schedule a Blog Post" feature on the Force Platform. To schedule a specific blog post on your site, please follow the steps below:

Force Platform

Scheduling a custom Blog Post

1. Please login to your dashboard and create a new blog post.

2. Add all the content for the blog post then scroll down to the Authoring Information section at the bottom of the form.

3. Choose the date and time when the article should be published. Please note: the timezone is dependent on the region you set under "Site Settings" > "Regional".

4. Click on Published or Needs Review

  • If your website is on a compliance workflow, the blog post will immediately be sent for review. Your Compliance Officer will then be able to review the blog post and approve it.  
  • The article will then be published on the day and time set under the Authoring Information section if it gets approval prior to this date. 

The scheduled blog post will then show on your dashboard with the rest of the blog posts. You will always be able to verify that it has been scheduled by accessing the Authoring Information.

Scheduling a Blog Post from the Content Library

1. Please login to your dashboard and pick an article from the Content Library section.

2. Click "Use Article", then "Edit with Blog"

3. On the "Blog" popup screen, instead of clicking "Published" or "Needs Review", click "Draft" instead.

4. Find the blog article you just saved as a draft under your "My Content" section, then follow the same steps as the ones outlined in "Scheduling a custom Blog Post" above to schedule your blog post in advance.

To learn how to use the Auto-Publishing feature for your blog posts from the Content Library, please view the article How do I use Auto-Publish

If you have any questions about this topic, you can message your support team at