Congratulations on getting to this point! We know launching a website can be overwhelming but we’re here to help you through to the end. 

Before we get into the steps you need to take to launch your website, it is important to understand how it will work. 

There are three factors for a website to work and display on the web:

  • Website Host - This is us at Advisor Websites! We store, build and display your website using our platform. Think of this as your physical office that clients will visit you at.
  • Domain Name - This is the website address( As it suggests, this is your name on the internet and how people get to know you. This is normally provided by companies like GoDaddy or Network Solutions. Think of this as your office address.  
  • DNS (Domain Name System) - Is how we connect your website to your domain name. These are usually set up within your domain name provider. Think of this as the directions that will lead visitors to your office.


So, how do we connect everything so that anyone who types your website address (domain name) will go to your website?

DNS Configuration

This is the process of telling your domain name where to go by adding DNS records to it. To launch your website, this is what we’ll be doing!

If you purchased your domain name from Google, follow the steps in this video to make changes using the domain provider dashboard:


If you are struggling to make any of the changes or have any questions please respond to the launch email asking for help.

We will do our best to answer your questions and guide you through the process.