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Classic Platform

Purchase Domain Name

Purchase the domain that you would like to point to your site. Our number #1 recommendation for the domain name provider is GoDaddy registrar. You can purchase your domain name through GoDaddy here.

Configure DNS Settings

Now that you have a domain name purchased, it is time to configure it!

We will need to go to the dashboard of your Domain registrar account and click on ‘Manage DNS’.

  1. A record – needs to have value of (@) and point to
  2. Add another A record for (www) and point
  3. Make sure to save your changes if necessary!

Please note that brackets around www and @ are for illustrative purposes, do not add brackets when modifying DNS Zone File.

Email Settings (MX Records)

In order to properly configure email, you will need to add necessary MX records in your DNS Records Manager. You can retrieve the exact MX records that you should be using from your e-mail provider.

Please note! – Configuring MX records might be a little bit more confusing and we strongly encourage to reach out to the Domain Name Registrar’s customer support department to assist you with that.

Adding Domain to The Dashboard

  1. Log-in to your AW website dashboard
  2. Click on ‘Extras’ on the left sidebar of your dashboard
  3. Add the configured domain/s and click save!

Force Platform

Coming soon to Force clients. In the meantime contact for help getting your domain connected.