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Force Platform

  1. Select 'My Content' from the left hand menu
  2. Select 'Product & Services'
  3. Select the 'ADD NEW' button
  4. Fill out the title 
  5. Type in the teaser in the teaser field. This text will appear on the home page if you have a Products and Services block activated in the design section (This is optional)
  6. Type in the content for the Product/Service into the Body section. This content will appear in the Product/Service own page
  7. To save your progress, and to view the update without making it live, select 'SAVE AS DRAFT' at the bottom
  8. To publish the item, press the 'PUBLISH' button or 'SAVE AND SUBMIT TO COMPLIANCE' button if your website is on a compliance workflow.

Legacy Platform

This feature is not available on the Legacy Platform. You will either be creating a new page or editing an existing page

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