All of our websites will come with a basic contact form (i.e. Name, Email, Message). If you would like to create a custom form with your own fields, there are a few options:

Built-in Forms

On our classic platform, you can build your own forms straight on your website dashboard. This option works best for most people. It is commonly used for gathering information such as:

  • Landing Pages: For example, if you’re running a campaign or have your own books, etc. 

  • Subscription: If you would like to gather leads through blog or newsletter subscriptions

  • Event RSVPs: Do note that our built-in events app also has a simple RSVP form that you can simply enable. Check out our events article for more information.

Embed Forms (Third Party Resource)

Creating your own forms is coming soon on Force! In the meantime, we can add forms using third party resources by using an embed code. Contact our support team to set this up for you!

An embed code allows our platform to display the information from the corresponding third party resource by simply pasting it on on a section of the website where you would like it to appear. 

You can also use embed codes for our classic platform if you require additional functionality or are using a third party resource for other purposes. 

Here are some common third party resource when creating forms:

Please note that we do not have a partnership with any of the above options and do not have any control over any functionality. 


Our platforms also offer Redtail integration where you can create forms that automatically turn submissions into leads on your CRM. 

If you have a Redtail account, you will need to integrate it through your website dashboard

Classic Platform

You will need to recreate any existing forms on your website using the Redtail form.  

Force Platform

Existing built in forms will automatically be connected once Redtail is enabled. Note that we can only integrate built in contact us forms on your website. Embedded forms will have to be done through your third party resource and we cannot guarantee its possibility.